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Jay Schorr in the news:

Voice of America (VOA) story about The Law Store

Jay Schorr of TMR Multimedia makes it easy for citizens make their own laws when local governments fail to act.


by Jay Schorr


Jay Schorr in the News - 2016 Presidential Election:

Friday, May 22, 2020 5:26 PM


By Jay Schorr

One day. Just one day.

A day when every American – Democrat, Republican, Independent, white, black, Hispanic, et al – puts aside all of their political and social strife, ceases petty bickering, forgoes the name-calling, and instead just reaches out to their fellow countrymen with a gesture of solidarity and hope; a clarion call that we are all one.

You see, folks, history tells us that the road we are traveling leads to a dead end. We’re on a pathway to chaos rooted in fear, greed and intransigence. All the flag waving and political campaign slogans won’t solve the problem. As Abraham Lincoln eloquently summed-up the civil and military strife that engulfed our nation more than 150 years ago: “A house divided against itself cannot stand.”

Even the COVID-19 pandemic has been politicized to yet further divide Americans. The “reopen the economy now” vs. “wait and see” debate has pitted citizen against citizen, brother against brother. But rather than base their opinions on scientific-predicated data, many Americans are hell-bent on using the debate as a thinly-veiled exercise in political partisanship.

COVID-19 has reminded us - albeit in a harsh way - that nature has a way of bringing things into line when man chooses not to assume the responsibility. “Thanks” to COVID-19's destructive bent, carbon emissions are down 17 percent, crime is down, highway accidents have decreased and other self-inflicted maladies have seen significant downturns. But the one thing that the virus cannot destroy is man’s propensity to destroy himself.

The time has come to vaccinate ourselves with the antibodies of civil strife past; to develop an immunity to the stupidity and ignorance that fuel intolerance and hate. That is the vaccine which must developed immediately. It’s already been tested and it has a one hundred percent cure rate with no side effects.

One day there will be a cure for the greatest threat to man: Man.

Saturday, December 21, 2019 10:30 PM

Term Limits: Even Congress Should Have a “Best Bought By” Date

By Jay Schorr

Term limits. We need them now. At the federal, state and local levels. Without limiting terms of publicly elected officials, the corruption, graft and wholly inefficient operation of the federal government will continue unabated.

No senator or congressman/woman should serve for more than two terms. Elected office is a corrupting influence, transforming well-meaning public servants into megalomaniacal, profit-seeking scoundrels. Senators and congressmen/women spend half their time in office fundraising for their next reelection campaign. That doesn’t leave much time for the doing the will of the American People.

America’s original congressional representatives came to the federal capital for two weeks per year to tend to the country’s lawmaking needs. Many of them paid for their own travel expenses and lodging. They were farmers, businessmen, tradesmen and other workers who were first and foremost, hardworking citizens and part-time legislators. Public office for them was a necessary burden to ensure the survival of our fledgling country; it was NOT a license to live large and perpetually profit at the expense of those they served. In 1789, members of Congress were paid $6 a day.

While today’s complex world necessitates full-time federal legislators, it does not require that these elected officials be given an open-ended run pending reelection. The House and Senate are rife with multi-term elected officials and the results – or, more precisely, the lack thereof - can be seen in the absolute legislative clusterf**k of the past three decades.

For those of you who decry term limits as undemocratic, think about it for a moment. What’s more democratic than a majority of voters opting to impose term limits – a true reflection of the will of the People?

America can no longer sustain a legislative system that is at its very core corrupt and which encourages elected officials to remain far past their fresh dates through seductive salaries, lifelong benefits, perks, and access to power.

We must act quickly before our country terms out.


Thursday, December 12, 2019 10:50 AM

Mayoral candidate Jay Schorr to run city by direct democracy

For the first time in U.S. history, an American city will be run by its own citizens with voters making their own laws, setting budgets, and proposing taxes.

Hollywood, Florida could be first U.S. city to be governed directly by voters

Monday, May 16, 2016 12:00 AM

Hollywood bracing for $20 million budget shortfall

Political advertisement paid for and approved by Jay Schorr for Mayor of Hollywood.
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